Trying New Old Things

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I’ve thought about getting back into horseback riding off and on over the years. I rode for years growing up. A few weeks ago, I got an email through our school group that riding lessons were being offered through one of our school families.

Here’s a pic of me back-in-the-day on my favorite horse, Peanut Butter.

I went and visited the facility and few weeks ago, and today was my first lesson! I was surprised at how nervous I was when I got there. The instructor put me on a sweet Tennessee Walking Horse named Ginger. She was just what I needed–low key, easy going, and very comfortable!

My mom went with me to watch. I wanted her to take a picture but had to show her how my phone worked first. This one was the best. See that little spec over on the right? That’s me!

I scheduled my next lesson and hope to continue in to the fall. It’s sort of a strange feeling to go back as an adult to something you enjoyed as a child. Have you resurrected something from your childhood as an adult?

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