The Ranson House


I drive by The Ranson House twice a week. Each time I do, I crane my neck to get a good glimpse. In the spring & summer, chances are I’ll see clean white rows of chairs set up for an outdoor reception on the lawn. In the fall I look to see the giant grand old willow oaks and their changing leaves. I drove by this weekend and saw the sign that the home was open to the public that afternoon. I rushed home to get my camera. I would gladly tour the home ¬†any time of year–but decorated for Christmas?? You bet.

ranson house exterior

What a gorgeous exterior. It has everything I’d love to incorporate into a house built today. It was built in 1913 and originally stood on 3200 acres. It was home to WJ Ranson and his wife Ellen Hunter Ranson. Together they raised ten children in the home!


The house is owned today by the Raines’. They purchased the home in 2006 and have lovingly restored it. They live in the home’s second floor.

When I spoke to BIlly at the open house, he said that all the doors and windows are original. Check out the wavy glass on the sidelights. Gorgeous.

exterior porch

Out back are several outbuildings each with their own unique charm.

exterior shed

The tree swing is a popular place for bridal portraits.

exterior swing

Inside, the original materials have been restored. According to the owners, the home had most recently been an apartment house, so small kitchenettes and closets had to be removed from each downstairs room. Acoustic drop ceilings covered the original tin, and carpeting covered the original heart pine flooring.

The house has eight fireplaces! Some were coal burning, some log burning, some bricked up and boarded over. They’ve been restored. The ceramic tile surrounds are gorgeous and original.

xmas mantle

The dining room fireplace. This ceramic tile was especially beautiful!

dining room mantle

The library fireplace (below)

library mantle

If I hadn’t been told the some of this lighting was not original, I never would have known. Such great choices that blend right in to the period of the home. Check out those tin ceilings!


My favorite room was definitely the powder room. It was so light and airy. I’ve been have a whole board dedicated to inspiration for our master bath renovation. The Ranson House powder room is definitely an inspiration as well.



The Ranson House is available for special events and can serve parties of 10 to 100. What an incredible home and piece of history.

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