The Power of a Slipcover

As part of the dining room transformation, I had to think about a chair for the new desk. I took a look at some new chairs, and fell in love with quite a few. Until I can save up for them, I decided to use a chair that we already had. I had picked up this pleather parsons chair at a thrift store about five years ago for $10. It’s held up fine and is usually in the kitchen at the little built-in desk in there.

I wanted to soften it up a bit with fabric. I had tons of leftover drop cloth fabric from when I created the slipcover for our living room couch. (If anyone is interested but intimidated by creating slipcovers, I would encourage you to watch Miss Mustard Seed’s six part series. She goes into just enough detail to tack the mystery out of the whole thing. I’ve tried slipcovering in the past, but would always try to do it mathematically by measuring then cutting. Big no to that! The best thing to do, as you’ll see in the videos, is to pin right to the piece and sew as you go. Big revelations there, yo. (That reminds me–I can’t wait for Breaking Bad to start up again. My apologies to anyone who doesn’t watch the show and has no idea what I’m talking about.)

Here is a little before and after for you. I did put some fancy-schmancy fabric covered buttons to match on the back. I figured it deserved to be pretty from all angles!

slipcover animation

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