Summer 2012 – Block Island

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In June we made our annual pilgrimage to visit what we affectionately call our “Motherland”–Boston, MA. I sometimes feel guilty when I hear couples complain about having to constantly juggle whose family to visit for vacations and holidays. Since my husband and I both grew up in the same small town, it makes it really easy to head back and visit family. We both love it.

This year, we made a spontaneous decision to head to Block Island for the day. I hadn’t been in years. I have memories of renting mopeds in high school, and writing my first check to buy a pair of earrings on the island. I felt like such a grownup.
Block Island
The island made for a great day trip. Even though Martha’s Vineyard is about the same distance from our hometown in MA, Block Island always feels like an easier trip to accomplish in a day. But we had some debates about that within our group.
Block Island
We rented bikes and headed out to the North Light House. It was a fun ride with a few hills to challenge us adults.
Here are a few more pics of the day courtesy of my instagram feed. I’m cbdesign if anyone else is as addicted to instagram as I am.
block island

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