Shutters as Room Dividers

I’ve been keeping my eye out for some sort of room divider/sliding door solution to bring a little more privacy and sun protection to the former dining room turned office. I had seen these beautiful antique doors a little over a year ago. They’re still available as of today! But at $1000.00, I’d surely be risking my marital health. Around Thanksgiving, I saw a pair of antique shutters at Sleepy Poet and immediately fell in love. They were the perfect height, which was important since I didn’t want to have to do any cutting or adding to length.

Shutters as Room Dividers

As much as I love sliding barn doors, the hardware is way too expensive. I’ve found some reasonably priced options at Tractor Supply, but even that option was very pricey, not to mention the standard sizes wouldn’t work with our opening width. So I ended up just going with eye bolts screwed into the studs of the soffit above, and into the doors themselves. To join the two, I found zip ties at Lowe’s that are each rated to hold 25 pounds. The doors are not very heavy, but I put 3 per bolt anyway.

Shutter ceiling installation with eye bolts

The main purpose of these shutters was to provide just a bit of privacy (the office is in full view of the front door) and to cut some of the blinding sunlight that shoots through our front windows in late afternoon. The ray of sunshine coincidentally travels right across the desk chair in the office. It basically renders the person in the chair blind from 4:05-4:20pm every day. One of the shutters cuts this light beautifully.

Shutter details

I loved the finish on the antique shutters. There is leftover paint, and the hardware is still there as well. I suppose I could always reattach them someday if I decide to move them.

Antique shutters as room dividers

The shutters hang from the bolts above, and there’s about 1/2″ of clearance below. The length worked out perfectly to be able to push them slightly to dust underneath, and they don’t actually touch the floor.

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  1. Love this idea….I have some old ones similar to these that are just leaning on each side of my bed but I like how I now have the option to hang them!

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