San Diego by Night — Part 1

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Our family recently traveled to San Diego and Santa Barbara to celebrate the sendoff of summer 2012. While we were there, my Dad and I were able to take some night shots. Night shots are something I’d always wanted to do, but didn’t have the right tools — a good tripod and a shutter release. My Dad very nicely took me to a photo store while we were there to pick up both (more on the tripod later).
san diego night shot
Our hotel was located in Mission Bay. The setting was perfect to head out and take some pics along the water.
san diego by night pic
The best part was that my son came along with my Dad and me. He’s taken a photography class at school and knows his stuff! He took a couple below.
san diego by night pic
san diego by night pic
There’s definitely a learning curve to night photography. I’m hoping to practice more soon!

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