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So–I have another project in the works. Our bedroom has fallen last on the priority list for a redo. About five years ago, I jumped on the blue and brown color trend and painted the walls a light blue. I sort of regretted it as soon as I did. I’m not really a blue paint person…which may make you ask…why did you paint it blue then? The short answer is that I was trying something different. Didn’t work.

The room has a few things going for it. It’s fairly large, has four windows placed in the corners along two walls, a fairly interesting tray ceiling. Those very things are also the things have stumped me. The ceiling, while it might be kind of interesting, it tricky when it comes to painting. It’s hard to know where to start and stop the wall/ceiling paint when there are slopes involved. (I’ll post pics when I start painting to better show what I’m talking about). The windows have absolutely no trim around them. I grew up in New England. No mouldings around windows is unheardof. The room is also positioned in the back corner of the house. It’s nice and quiet, but doesn’t get a whole lot of natural ¬†light. That definitely has affected my decisions when it comes to paint color.

Well, instead of going into too much detail at this point, here are my visual inspirations for the space.

bedroom finishes

The picture above shows the items that are providing me with the inspiration for the room. This weekend, I went to Metrolina with Angela. Besides having a lot of fun and laughing a lot, we found some great stuff! I picked up a small black dresser (shown above) for my husband’s nightstand. I love the finish and original hardware.

Funny story–I showed Angela the bureau and told her I really wanted to get it. It was marked at $150. Normally, I would just go ahead and pay that much because I’m absolutely the biggest wimp when it comes to asking for a discount. I paced around a bit, and asked Angela what I should say. I said “Should I just offer $125?” She calmly said, “Just ask if that’s the best price they could do on the piece.” I paced some more to work up my courage (told you I’m a wimp!) and eavesdropped on the salesperson talking to another customer about how he expects and welcomes people asking for a better price. Well, he better be ready!

I finally brought him over to the piece after practicing my lines and said “What’s the best price you could do on this? I love it.” He said, “Well, I usually have about 25% flexibility to work with…how about $100?” I could see Angela’s eyes widen behind him. Needless to say I told him I’d take it. I didn’t tell him that I was expecting to pay $125 or full price!

Here are some other pics that I’ve gathered on my Bedroom pinterest board.

I’ll be making a huge headboard out of barn wood that I also got at Metrolina. I’m hoping it’ll be nearly as beautiful as this.

I’ll be adding some moulding to the windows. Hopefully like the ones in the pic below. I also just generally LOVE the feeling of this room.

I’ll be sanding down the 18-year-old maple dresser & bureau that we got as newlyweds. I’m hoping for a finish sort of like the picture below.

Last, but not least, I’m hoping to add some boards to the wall behind the bed like the pic below. Here’s a great tutorial that I’ll be following.

Oh my gosh, I’m questioning whether this is all possible. With only weekends to work on this, it might be a while! Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

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