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I’ve been eyeing orb chandeliers for quite a while. I love their lines, and the fact that they can be large without being bulky. Our kitchen has three light fixtures all in close proximity to each other. I’ve had the toughest time trying to figure out: should they match? compliment? should the finishes be the same? A few years ago, I went and picked up a small chandelier for over the table. I admit–I chose it based on price. I think it was around $79. As soon as it was hung I realized it was too small for the space, but budget (and pride) kept me from replacing it any time soon.

Here are the inspiration fixtures I’d been drooling over…one from Restoration Hardware (ahem–$850.), and ZGallerie (another ahem–$499.)


While they’re each perfectly lovely, they were about 6000% over my slim budget. I looked at a few online tutorials for DIY orb chandeliers, and considered them, but somehow never got around to making it to my to-do list. I even got pricing from someone in WA who makes orbs from wine barrel rings. The shipping was too expensive, and they would’ve been too heavy to hang on a fixture.

When I walked into a local store today and saw this orb on the floor, I made a beeline straight for it. To be honest, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be used for. I’ve seen them as garden ornaments. The saleswoman said she considered stringing them with lights and placing them outside. I could see that. When she showed me how it is collapsible, I was so excited. It might work…

folded up

It had no price and I figured it was going to be way more than I wanted to spend. It turned out to be $30. Sold. Here’s the before:

before orb fixture

I simply slipped the chandelier through the closed orb, attached the top to the chain with florist’s wire, and then opened up the globe. Took maybe five minutes.

after orb fixture

The fixture is on a dimmer switch so it’s been fun to see the interesting shadows the orb creates. I love that it has made the fixture fit the scale of the space.

final shot



9 thoughts on “Orb Chandelier

  1. I would have been so excited if I found something like that! It’s perfect!!! Way to use your thinking cap!

    • Tracy on

      Hi there, I was just in the shop this morning and they have at least one more. The store is The Dry Sink in Cornelius NC. The number is 704-724-2446. Send me a pic if you do something cool with it!

  2. Cindy on

    Great job, Tracy! I love your honesty and your creativity. I also have very similar interests. And although I could afford the $499 chandelier, I’d much prefer a bargain and a challenge! It’s what I do best. (Which is probably why I could afford the $499 chandelier!). Have a wonderful holiday season…

    • Tracy on

      I should be the one who is embarrassed. I connected the dots a while ago but am too much of an introverted nerd to go out of my comfort zone. I hope we cross paths again soon 🙂 And that George is sure cute.

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