Old Mission Santa Barbara

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More from our family vacation 2012! We spent 5 days in Santa Barbara, California. We’d never been there, but always heard how beautiful the area is. It did not disappoint. There’s so much there to love. First and foremost is the weather. Cool mornings and evenings with consistently bright sunny days. It is pretty much perfection. Then there’s the relaxed feel and vibe to the entire area. It seems impossible to be stressed here. As a designer, I fell in love with the textures, patterns & colors of Santa Barbara.

One place we decided to visit was Old Santa Barbara Mission. The grounds and building itself were breathtakingly beautiful.

Fountains at Old Mission Santa Barbara

One of the first things to catch my eye were the faded chalk drawings along the plaza just outside the mission. Each year the mission accepts applications from local artists to participate in painting squares in the plaza. The artists are sponsored and the monies benefit a local arts education non-profit. The festival that accompanies the painting of the square is the ‘I Madonnari – Italian Street Painting Festival“.

Chalk Paintings Outside Mission

It seemed like everywhere I turned was something photo-worthy. You could pull a color palette out of each vignette here. Coral, turquoise, ivory, ¬†weathered copper and wood…timeless beauty.

Old Santa Barbara Mission Statue

old mission santa barbara montage

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