Office Progress

A lot of progress was made on the dining-room-turned-office. We decided to list the dining room set on Craigslist. I took some pictures, posted them, and within an hour the emails starting coming. We sort of figured the best time to try to sell a formal dining set would be right before Thanksgiving, but I wasn’t counting on the quick response. Twenty-four hours later, the room was empty! The funds from the dining set are going towards to redo budget.
dining room before
With a weekend coming up, I finally made a decision on paint color. I knew I wanted a couple shades darker than the adjoining living room which is painted BM Revere Pewter (I love this color).

I went with Sherwin Williams Requisite Gray which I had color matched at Lowe’s in their Valspar line. It has great coverage. A half gallon later, I had finished the room. Now I could finally start to imagine the room looking differently.

Here’s a sneak peek at the desk I put together with some ikea table legs and a hollow core door that I stained a light gray. You can sort of see the new rug as well. I’m torn about the rug, but it may be because it’s sort of an attention hog right now without any window treatments or other fabrics in the room.
new sawhorse desk

I ran to a local antique mall during lunch last week and grabbed some pictures of other items I’d love to see in the room. I’d love this to be a mix of new and vintage items.
inspiration montage

Next up–an office chair, window treatments, and a really fun *large* scale piece of art especially for my hubby. Fingers crossed, it’s looking like it might be really cool. And he’s really excited about it.

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