NYC and the Cameroon Juju Hat


Every year I take my two boys on a Mom & Sons trip to New York City over their spring break. We’ve been doing it for four years now, and it’s something we look forward to all year. We go to visit my brother who lives there. The boys love seeing their uncle as well as his two French Bulldogs, affectionately known as my niece and nephew. I love those things as well, in addition to SHOPPING and EATING.

When we went in April this year, I had a list in my iPhone of places to eat, and places to shop. One was the Chelsea Flea Market. It was here that I found my Juju hat.

The hat was part of a booth selling African items. When we got to the flea market just after breakfast on Saturday, I spotted the hats hanging on the wall across the garage (the flea market is held in a few levels of an underground parking garage). I made a beeline to the hats and asked how much they were. The seller asked which one I was interested in and I pointed out the ivory one. I clenched and waited for him to quote a price–I’ve seen them online for $300.+ He told me something about ivory being the most rare (uh…ok) and said it was $250, but he would give it to me for $200.

So many thoughts went through my head…Do I really need a big feathered circle?…but I love it…$200? The kids kinda need to eat for the next few days we’re here…but I love it…they don’t mind fast food……but I love it…you can’t feed them fast food…but I love it…

I told him I’d think about it and kept looking longingly over my shoulder as we left. We went and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, waited in line for some delish pizza, visited Jacques Torres, and all the while I thought about the hat.

Very long story short, I went back ten minutes before the flea market ended that same day. I had $160. cash in my pocket and I was determined to walk out with that hat.

I posted the pic below on Instagram back in April asking if anyone could identify what this was…luckily, these fold up for easier transport on the airplane.

Juju Hat folded up

I laid it all out on the table and told the vendor if he took $160. cash, we had a deal. And we did!

Cameroon Juju Hat

6 thoughts on “NYC and the Cameroon Juju Hat

  1. shay on

    How will you clean it? And how will you combat mildew/mold once the bathroom is up and running?

    • Tracy on

      Hmmm…to be honest, I haven’t really thought about it. I guess I’ll just keep an eye on it and move it if needed? I think it’ll be fine. There’s an exhaust fan that we run while in the shower that does a good job.

  2. Lisa on

    Wow! Great job haggling. I love these feather hats and didn’t realize they were African. It looks great in your bathroom!

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