Master Bathroom Update


The next project on the horizon is updating our master bath. I’ve been working on my master bath board for about a year now, diligently pinning beautiful pics as I come across them. I can definitely seem a theme among the pictures I’ve pinned. The end result I’m hoping for is: light, bright, open & clean. None of those words really describes the room presently :-/

The room will, of course, be updated on a budget. We haven’t really set said budget yet. We have a ballpark. But until I talk to some contractors this week, I have no idea if our budget is reasonable or ridiculous!

Here’s the existing floor plan:

Existing bathroom layout

When we moved in, the master bathroom was carpeted. Yea. Carpeted. One of the first things we did, probably within a month of moving in, was have the carpeting removed. We put sheet vinyl down in its place as a temporary measure. That was almost eleven years ago. Ha! Temporary is all relative I guess.

So, the plan is to talk to a couple contractors this week. At the very least, we’ll be enlarging the shower, retiling & possibly replacing the vanity top. If budget allows, the vanity may be replaced and we rethink the bath/shower situation.

Here’s my dilemma. Help a sista out and let me know your thoughts–we’ve used the soaker tub three times in eleven years. The dog has bathed in there more than any of us human-folk. I have the voices of every realtor in my head saying it’s bad for resale to remove a tub. Is it?? Would it be so wrong to create a large double shower along that wall?? We have no plans to move, but I suppose resale should always be a consideration. Right?





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