Master Bath is Almost Done


Looking for pics of the finished bath? Here’s your link!

If I was doing this blogging thing religiously, I should’ve had about two hundred posts in between where we started and now. A lot has been happening. Decisions were made. And remade. And rethought. And made again. In the end, I had a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my Master Bath Reno to guide me.

I can’t bring myself to start with the befores. So let’s start wtih the afters:

master bath after

You can see that the wall color went white and I removed the horizontal blinds. Even on a dreary day, it’s 100% lighter and brighter in here.

The mirrors got a $4 change with the help of some Antique Gold Rub ‘n Buff. The vanity got a wash of matte black paint and new hardware from Hobby Lobby.

master bath after

The shower glass is being measured today and should take about two weeks to install. You can see the footprint of the stall on the ground with the marble curbing.

I added some trim to the window and sprayed some Valspar Frosting Spray to the window glass for privacy. I taped off areas to allow me to still see the beautiful trees outside.

The tub is obviously the centerpiece. It’s an antique cast iron from 1912. This tub was a project in and of itself. I went back and forth many times debating about cast iron vs. acrylic. I even had an acrylic on order and paid for and then changed my mind. I’ll elaborate in a future post but for now I can say that I’m not regretting my decision. I love the authenticity of the real deal and my first bath two nights ago was a blissful success.

Now is the point were I show you the ‘before’ pictures. I cringe. I hesitate. I stall. Above all, I can’t help but think of this Jimmy Fallon skit.

Say it with me…..EEEEWWWWWW!!!

Master Bath Before

So, these ‘before’ pics pretty much speak for themselves. It was a builder basic bathroom. A leaky one at that. When we moved in, the room was carpeted (double ew!). The linoleum was a step above carpeting, but not much. The room was D.A.R.K. thanks to my unfortunate paint choice about five years back. The horizontal blinds in the window made it so dreary on top of the poor choice in paint color.

Master Bath Before

Ok, ok. In the grand scheme of things, the bathroom wasn’t horrible. It had a case of ‘never get it clean’ though. No matter what we did, and how often, the shower pan was perpetually dingy as well as the enclosure framing.

So, the only things that remained afterward were: the double vanity base, the mirrors and the lighting. The lighting may change at some point. I’d love to put some funky arm sconces in between each mirror. For the time being, these will do.

If there’s anyone out there and you have any questions, let me know. I’ll do my best to update on individual components here as I have time.

34 thoughts on “Master Bath is Almost Done

  1. I love how everything turned out! It’s amazing how perfectly the vanity gits in with your new look … and I just love the subway tile with dark grout! Great design choices!

  2. Hi Tracy,
    It’s my first time here (found you through and absolutely LOVE your claw foot tub. We’re embarking on a master bathroom reno ourselves, and have had a salvaged cast iron tub in the basement for nearly a decade. Your bathroom gives me hope that our space can one day be beautiful too! Keep up the great work!

    • Tracy on

      Thanks Wendy! I’d seen your post on your tub–it was coincidentally the same day ours was delivered! Love your blog. We lived in No Virginia for seven years and spent lots if time in Old Town. Your blog makes me miss it so much 🙂

  3. oh my goodness… so beautiful! I love the JuJu hat. But I really need to read more carefully, I kept thinking…wow! The glass on that shower is amazing…how does she keep it so clean? I mean, you can’t see it! heh.

    • Tracy on

      Ha! Yea, trust me. This is the absolutely cleanest that glass will ever be!

  4. michelle on

    Wonderful choices. Terrific looking space and very functional. Love it.
    Is the floor tile?

    • Tracy on

      Yes, the floor is ceramic. I was pleasantly surprised at how realistic it looks! I think a dark grout to match really helps it to not look like tile.

      • Andrea on

        Your bath is GORGEOUS! We are finishing a basement bath and kitchen area and like the look of dark hardwoods but our contractor says hardwoods are not the best product for basements. He suggested ceramic tile. When we saw your floors, we knew that is what we wanted. Could you tell us the manufacturer and name of the color/style. It is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!

        • Tracy on

          Hi Andrea, the flooring came from Home Depot! I just looked at the box and its Montagna 6×24 glazed porcelain, and the color is Saddle. Hope that helps! I think it was around $3/sq ft.

    • Tracy on

      You’re so sweet Ellen. It took all I had to not sew some curtains for the window. Btw, I love the pics of your kids on Instagram. They always have a timeless feel to them 🙂

  5. And I was initially thinking “how on earth do they take showers without the water going everywhere? Theres no walls or door!” Just goes to show ya gotta keep reading, right? 🙂 This bathroom makeover is nothing less than stunning. Totally magazine-worthy in my opinion. Beautiful job!

    • Tracy on

      Thanks so much! I’m wondering how much the glass is going to change things in here. I thought about whether we could design it to not need glass, but we would’ve had to do without a tub.

  6. It looks gorgeous. Can you tell me more about the big white shell looking thing on the wall above the tub? It is fantastic!

    • Tracy on

      Lisa, it’s a big piece of barnacle (I think?) that I found at a local flea/antique store. It’s real, and has a really pretty lavender color running through it. I saw another piece locally…I think it was around $20. Maybe they ship? Let me know if you want the store info.

  7. Tracy smith on

    It’s gorgeous!!! I’ve got about the same layout. I may have to be a copycat!!! Somewhat. I would love the info on the store that sells the barnacles! It’s awesome.

    • Tracy on

      Best of luck on a remodel!! I checked today and the local store doesn’t have any more barnacle 🙁

  8. Jennifer Wright on

    Where did you buy the JuJu hat? I love them and want one so badly but can’t pull the trigger because of the price. The entire bathroom is lovely!

    • Tracy on

      I’d been looking forever too and finally found one at Chelsea Flea Market in NYC while we were visiting in April. I got a couple funny looks at airport security but I was determined to get it home!!

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  10. Brittany on

    Two questions: 1. What material is your vanity? 2. Could you give a brief tutorial on how you gave it a paint wash please?

    I love the look!

  11. Faith on

    Hi Tracy, I’m visiting for the first time from The Inspired Room. Love your remodel! So fresh and classic. Great job!

  12. Oh my word! I love the tub! One of these days I’m going to re-do our bathroom. Who needs a shower and then a tub with a shower head in it? I just want a nice big claw foot tub as well.

  13. The juju hat is absolutely perfect!! Any fear of the feathers being altered by the humidity of the bathroom? I want one! 🙂

  14. Heidi on

    Hi Tracy could u provide the name of the store that sold you the barnacle in case they get another one? Thx!

    • Tracy on

      Hey Heidi, after reading back through some of the comments I think I may have confused people asking about the feathered juju hat hanging on the wall vs the piece of coral on the windowsill. The circle on the wall is called a juju hat. I got it in NYC, but you can google it to find them. The barnacle on the windowsill is from a shop in Cornelius called the Oak St Mill. They also have them sometimes at Sleepy Poet Antique mall in Charlotte. Thx!

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