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I love botanical prints. I’ve been decorating with them for years. A  favorite trick is to hit the bookstore sometime mid-January in any given year. You can pick up unsold botanical print calendars really cheap. Rip the pages out, grab some frames and you’ve got ready made art. I still have two large botanical prints that I matted and framed ten years ago. I still love them.

the evolution store botanical prints

I’ve been seeing more and more large scale botanicals around. A few of my absolute favorites are here and here. I love the look, but really wanted a print of a fig tree…

Press leaves in a heavy book

My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’d been eyeing some large bushes near the house for a while now (even I have to admit–that sounds pretty weird). The leaves on them are large and reminded me of fig leaves. So on the way home from church one Sunday, I made the family take a detour to pick some of the leaves. They watched from the car and teased me as every car drove by that I was going to be arrested for stealing. Men.

Botanical print leaves

Fig trees have special meaning for me since my grandmother keeps a fig tree in her yard to this day. It takes a considerable amount of tending and maintenance to grow in the cold RI climate. She actually has to bury the tree each year to keep it from freezing. The tree must be over forty years old. Some of my favorite memories include checking the figs each time I visited and finally getting to pick them in mid to late September. They’re so delicious.

Here is how the graphic is looking so far…

botanical print poster

This rest of the work is in Photoshop. I combined several images, including the leaves I photographed. If you search online for ‘free grunge textures’ you’ll find lots to choose from. That’s the texture you see going on in the background, with the opacity lowered to make it more tone on tone. The rest of the images came from royalty free and creative commons licensing on sites like Flickr and others.

I added some tags in a script font and simulated gold for the color since that’s the color of the frame this will be mounted in. It’s not all official–I think that’s actually a pomegranate on the top left, not a fig. But that’s not really the point…

Our nearest Wolf Camera will print out a 20″x30″ for $29.99. When I called today, they were out of paper! Printing this will have to wait a few days til it comes in. I’m going to fiddle with it a bit before it gets printed….we’ll see how this botanical print turns out soon!

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