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I should know myself better by now. Somehow in the middle of a big project I swear to myself that it’s going to be a long long time before I take on another one. Don’t get me wrong–I love planning a project. But the execution of a project? Not so much. I’m a wreck in process worrying about every little issue that comes up. I’m the first to admit that I am Miss No Fun during a renovation. I guess for me a big project is a lot like childbirth. In the midst of labor, you swear never again — and wonder why you ever thought it was a good idea to begin with. But shortly after…you start thinking up cute baby names. Or pinning beautiful pictures of kitchens. Same difference.

I’m going to have a hard time convincing Husband that our kitchen needs a facelift. We worked on the kitchen back in 2006. In husband years that’s practically yesterday. You divide the actual years by seven. The result is when it feels like the renovation was done to a guy. We replaced the laminate counters with granite, and made the big switch of taking out electric cooktop to replace with a full-sized gas cooktop/oven combo. I like to think the changes we made were a whole lot of changes to the function of the kitchen. Good changes. Definitely good changes. I love my kitchen. But, these days I’m talking about changes to the form. See that? I’m practicing my semantics to sell my case for another project.

I’m not talking about huge changes to the kitchen that involve contractors or anything. I just want a facelift. A little nip and tuck. Painting cabinets, maybe replacing the island, updating lighting. Stuff like that. Here are my inspirations.

painted cabinets

How completely ridiculously beautiful is this island??

I love me some black mixed with wood:

I’ve fallen in love with a light fixture:

I can guarantee I’ll have a hard time convincing Husband to paint the cabinets. I know he thinks they’re perfectly fine as is. I can’t say I disagree necessarily. It is kinda risky. Maybe I’ll ease into things with the lighting. HA!

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