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Wow. It’s been five months since my last blog post. I’d say it feels like yesterday but it really doesn’t. In fact, it feels like years instead of months.

Since then we:

  • lost our beloved Boston Terrier of eight years
  • sold a house practically before the sign was out front
  • put an offer on a home yet-to-be-built
  • considered another home that needed considerable work to bring it out of the 1970s
  • completely changed our mind and circled back to a brand new house we fell in love with last fall
  • purged and packed twelve years of living
  • didn’t hire movers
  • almost killed each other
  • are settled into a home we’re loving

The new house gets us much closer to school for the kids, a bigger lot with privacy and opportunity for outdoor entertaining, larger bedrooms for the boys, and in general, a new start that feels really good. We compromised on some things here–the overall square footage is smaller than our last place, no living room, a slightly smaller kitchen, the dream bath and, most importantly, we left behind some really great friends/neighbors.

I can’t wait to make this home ours. The biggest challenge at this point is pacing myself to slow down and make deliberate choices instead of quick ones. I constantly have to remind myself that it took twelve years for our last house to evolve into a place we loved. Home wasn’t built in a day.

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