How to Make a Floor Pouf

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Well, the floor pouf is finished! Here’s a quick finished shot before I describe how I made it.

Finished floor pouf

It was a fun and easy project once I decided on the finished size. I’d originally planned to make an 18″ cube. In the end, I based the size off of West Elm’s floor poufs instead, mainly because it worked out well with the size of the coffee sack I was using. Here are the final dimensions:

how to make a floor pouf - dimensions

I ran short on fabric and had to use a solid burlap-like fabric remnant that I already had on hand. I used it for two of the sides. In hindsight, I could have used it for the bottom only and had coffee sack fabric for all four sides. Oh well. Live and learn.

First thing I did was pull the binding off the edges of the sack. I did this because I knew underneath were finished edges that I could use. The finished edges won’t unravel, unlike cut edges. A few less edges to serge or overcast! You will of course have some cut edges. You can serge those to prevent unraveling. If you don’t have a serger, you can simply zig zag stitch over the edges. That works too!

finished edges of floor pouf

At this point I have (2) 26″ squares: 1 for the top and 1 for the bottom, and (4) 13″ x 26″ rectangles for the sides. First thing I did was sew the rectangles together end to end along the 13″ side. You end up with a box without the top and bottom. Then you can attach the top and bottom pieces to complete the cube.

assembling the floor pouf

I inserted a zipper along one of the bottom edges to allow me to fill the pouf. What did I fill it with? It might be easier to name what’s *not* inside this pouf! The last minute change in size meant that I did not have enough bean bag filling to fill this larger pouf. Since I’m phenomenally impatient and didn’t want to wait to buy more (not to mention the fact that it was not on sale and $24.99/bag), I grabbed some other soft things to throw in there. So, there are 2 king sized blankets in here that we no longer use, along with a 3 cubic foot bag of bean filling. I just hope this thing never busts open. Those beans are a a mess.

zipper in finished pouf

A few more quick pics of the finished pouf in place. It’s large, but sized well to be an ottoman or extra fun seat.

Pouf in the room

6 thoughts on “How to Make a Floor Pouf

  1. Hi Tracy! I love your new blog – it’s so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. It sounds like a project a novice sewer like me could handle (minus the serging and zipper!). 🙂

    • Hey Susan! I held off figuring out zippers for the longest time. They’re really not difficult at all! Can’t wait to see how your cornhole paint job turned out!

    • Lucky you! I just saw an upholstered cube ottoman today using a coffee sack. It was really tailored and looked great. Any idea what you’ll do with yours?

  2. The pouf looks soooo good! I think it’s time for me to man up and warm up the sewing maching, I think I could do this!

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