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Let me start with a confession–I’m sort of a freak when it comes to scents. I’m overly sensitive to smells. I’m the one who can smell someone with a cigarette three cars ahead in a line of traffic even with our car windows up. My memory for smells is strong enough that I’ll get physically anxious and nervous when I smell certain scents that I associate with stressful situations. I went for a job interview years ago and the company had a berry scented plug-in air freshener somewhere in the lobby. I got the job and even after a month I found myself really nervous every time I would walk into the building and pass through the lobby on my way to my office. I finally asked the receptionist if she would switch the scent of the air freshener and the nervousness went away. Somehow in my pea brain, the berry scent had become associated with the stress and nervousness of the job interview.

Bottom line is when I smell something I like–I REALLY like it. Saturday night we went to Christmas in Davidson, a local town with a quaintness that always reminds me of our hometown in MA. As I walked and browsed through all the great vendor tents, I was stopped in my tracks by the most deliciously floral scent. Here is what I found:
harmony acres soap company
There were so many beautiful products in the booth. I asked which of the scents was most likely the one I was smelling. I was directed to this one, a scent called “Earth’s Blessing”. That was the one. It’s described on the website as “essential oils of nutmeg, geranium, patchouli & pink grapefruit; henna leaf powder for color.”

I also bought their Lavender Fine Body Lotion. I’ve been putting it on before bed since lavender is said to help with sleep. It is so beautifully scented.

Harmony Acres Soap Company is made in North Carolina. According to their website, they’re a family of eleven! I can attest to the fact that even though I wandered into the booth ten minutes before the closing of what I’m sure was a busy day, the owner was calm cool and collected and took his time answering my questions.

Can anyone else relate to being really scent sensitive?? Do you have any favorite scents you’d care to pass along? I’d love to hear them.

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