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This unintentional break from blogging has been sort of like laying down for a quick nap at 3:00pm and not waking up until the alarm goes off the next morning. There definitely hasn’t been a shortage of designing, decorating, cooking, traveling going on around here, but a lack of motivation to take the time to get it out of my head and onto the keyboard.

Lately I’ve been dreaming about ways to update our downstairs half bath. The bath has remained the same since we purchased the house in 2002. All of the bathrooms in the house were wallpapered when we moved in. We have removed it in the two full baths, but the powder room remained. Ironically, I kinda liked the wallpaper in there when we purchased the house. At that time, wallpaper to me was a grown up luxury. It had little tassles details on the border! Tassles = grown up.

Well, the wallpaper is now removed after what I refer to as “Hell Weekend”. Stupidest DIY idea ever. In fact, I’m encouraging my boys to get into the wallpaper removal business. They could wait outside Lowe’s for people who’ve rented a steamer, follow them home, wait outside for about an hour and then ring the doorbell with an astronomical price to take over the job. I betcha they’d have a 99% success rate. Especially if an unwilling husband has been roped into helping.

I’m deciding what to do with the builder grade vanity in there.

My choices are:

1) refinish the cherry stained maple vanity and replace the top with a stone remnant. I’ve already picked a soapstone slab and gotten a price. If I went this route, I’d love to do something fun with the backsplash detail. Like so:

2) or maybe get a vintage cast iron sink refinished (sorta like the tub) and get it wall mounted in place of a vanity all together. Or install it in a vanity? Like this:

3) or maybe find a cool old piece of furniture and use that instead? Something like this:

Each direction has pros and cons. Storage, or lack of, plumbing changes, patching hardwoods under the existing vanity (if we replaced with wall mounted or freestanding). It’s fun to consider the options and prepare for a change like this. If you want to follow along, here’s my Powder Room Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

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