Going Back Home

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Every summer we take our boys back home to visit family in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. One of the main reasons we go is to see my grandmother–great grandmother to my boys.

I grew up visiting my grandmother every Saturday. She fixed us lunch every week, and since she is Portuguese, I got to eat some pretty delicious (and interesting!) things.

We always stop at our favorite pastry shop before visiting her.

I’m always amazed that all my childhood favorites are still made here daily.

My grandma always fusses that she doesn’t want any sweets….but….she manages to take a few nibbles 🙂 The raspberry filled eclair with whipped cream below is a personal fav of mine. Gee! There are two! How convenient!

I love seeing the boys sit at the same kitchen table I did. The same plates. The same table cloths. The same glasses. Everything.

The kitchen sink where I’d stack the dirty dishes and try to wash them for her. I’d try to be sneaky and do them, but she always caught me and made me stop.

Besides cooking–and eating–I probably got a big part of my love of plants and gardening from my grandmother. She has a fig tree in her yard that is probably over forty years old. Growing figs in Rhode Island is not exactly easy, and she has an elaborate set up to actually bury the tree every winter to protect it from frost. She pulls it out each spring and used to make jelly from the fruit.

She also has a grapevine that originally came from Portugal. She prunes and takes care of it every year as well. We always get a picture of her with the boys under the grapevine.

Every year I come back, it takes me a few days to get back into the routine of our life here further south. It’s bittersweet to visit. I love the fact that a part of my life is in a time capsule of sorts. The shops. The food. The kitchen table. The grapevine. My grandmother. They’re all as I left them twenty years ago. Every time I leave though, I wonder if I’ll still be able to say the same next year.

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