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My New Year’s Resolution this year wasn’t a resolution so much as a single word. Learn. Pretty broad word, I know. I figured it could span across a lot of topics, and so far, I’ve been doing pretty well. Most of the learning has been work related, but one thing I’d love to learn more about is food photography.

I guess I should clarify a little bit. The type of food photography I’m drawn to is not your typical kind of food photography. It’s sort of moody, lots of dark mixed with light, carefully placed objects that look totally natural and random at the same time. It’s more like fine art.Confused? Me too. Check out these photos and these too. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

Here are some pics I’ve taken that–sort of, kind of, begin to almost scratch the surface of–what I’m envisioning. I told you the word was learn, right?

My favorite Saturday morning activity is going to the Farmer’s Market. Talk about inspiration for photographs! So many beautiful colors and textures.

My apartment in college was steps away from the Museum of Fine Arts and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. I used to go and walk around when I needed some inspiration and a straight up dose of beauty. Now that I really think about it, the food photography I’m drawn to has the quality of some of the still life oil paintings I would stand in front of and admire.

Some of my absolute favorites:

Local Milk




V.K. Rees Photography

Sprouted Kitchen

Little Upside Down Cake

Do you have some favorites you’d care to share?

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