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Well, the final piece to the master bath was installed late last week–the shower glass! I was at work when it was installed and couldn’t wait to get home and see it. The folks at Malibu Shower Enclosures did a beautiful job.

Here’s a sketch I made over lunch a few months ago at the start of the project. I ended up making some changes to what I originally envisioned, but overall, I’d say it’s pretty close!

The 6×24 ceramic floor tiles have been really easy to clean and definitely have the look of real wood.

It’s tough to find a more economical option than white subway tile. I love it. It’s so classic. We went with a medium Pearl Gray grout.

I picked a shower door handle that had some traditional detailing.

We went with a stone mosaic in the shower. I love the touches of black in it that pick up on the tub exterior color.

The tub refinishers did a great job and handled a couple issues that came up so quickly and professionally. They offer a 5 year guarantee on their work. The 1912 tub looks and feels like new. The tub hardware really helps lend the right feel to the whole room.

I went to a local granite supplier and combed through their remnants to find a marble. I found this one, a Carrera marble that was exactly the size we needed. I did an ogee edge along the front to bring some more traditional detailing. I was pleasantly surprised at the savings of remnants, and there were *tons* to choose from!

I brought a new plant friend home! I’ve always wanted to try a bonsai. We’ll see how this guy does in the filtered light. The barnacle came from a local antique/thrift mall.

The vanity pulls from Hobby Lobby. I put a matte black paint wash on the vanity to tone down the original finish which is a cherry stained maple.

Here’s a view into the master bedroom and the barnwood headboard. I got the pencil sketch of a Maine harbor at one of my favorite places, Sleepy Poet.

A view the other way in the bathroom.

That’s it! I have plans to switch out the vanity lighting at some point, and sketches to make a new towel bar. For now though, we’re just going to relax and enjoy.

Last, but definitely not least, if anyone in the Charlotte area is looking for a quality contractor, check out G&H Enterprise Services. Ian “Maxi” Maxwell, Gabriel & their team were so great to work with throughout the process. I’ve already started sketching up future projects to work on with them!


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  2. Lovely! I love that black paint wash you did on the vanity! Could you share details on how you did it (ie paint, proportions, did you sand it down much…etc…)? We are looking to maybe refinish an old vanity for our master bath remodel and would love to explore more options.

    • Tracy on

      Hi Camilla, I can do a post on it but honestly it was about a ten minute job! I didn’t sand or anything. I simply watered down the paint a bit and dry brushed it on there. I’ll include a pic of the paint when I post. Thanks!

  3. Heather on

    Looks great! I love all the little details! Thanks for the inspiration! (Also found you from Centsational Girl)

  4. Liz on

    This bathroom is gorgeous!! Please share details on your vanity – is it a builder grade? Just beautiful.

    • Tracy on

      Hi Liz, thanks so much! Yes. The vanity base is the original builder grade. We replaced the top with a marble remnant and I gave it a black wash of paint to tone down the reddish finish.

  5. Andrea on

    Gorgeous bathroom! I especially love the floors. Would you mind telling where the tile came from?

  6. I love the classic yet fresh feel you’ve achieved. The ‘timber’ floor with the subway wall tiles and the dark bath is such a lovely combination. The black widow is a beautiful touch too. Gorgeousness!

  7. Wow!! what a lovely bathroom!! (just discovered you through Bryn Alexandra’s blog) You did a great job and thank you for posting links to the materials you used. We are in the process of re-doing a bathroom and I really like the look/feel of yours 🙂

  8. Hi Tracy

    I love your bathroom design, and the pictures are great! Could we feature it on our site under “designers we love”? Please check us out on We’ll (of course) credit your blog and if you wanted to write the entry then please feel free (but we just want a picture of your bathroom – its fab)

    Thanks, look forward to hearing from you

  9. Your bathroom is fantastic! ! I stumbled across your blog while searching for ideas on decorating/painting claw foot tubs. I noticed you mentioned how you debated going with a clawfoot tub (i’m sure you know yu made the best decsion by now)….. I bought my home with one in it more than 13 years ago…. and my favorite thing to do is draw a bath and just soak for a loooong time! I can’t imagine not having one.

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  12. What size of spacers did you use when you layer the floors. And what color of Grout did you use. We want to do the same as you did. I just love it.

  13. Hi Tracy,

    I love those floors! I came across your blog while researching this floor time, as we are thinking of doing our entire house in them – do you still love them? How have they stood up to everyday use? Do they scratch easily?

    Also, do you know how close your contractor set them together and what color grout was used? I have seen other samples, and the grout always seems to give it away that it is NOT real wood (real wood is a no-no in our house with 5 dogs). But yours – wow! I am floored at how real they look (pun intended).


    • Hi Carin, no complaints on the floors. They’ve been down about 8 months and there’s no issues with scratching etc. Granted, they are in a low traffic area so I can’t really comment on using them in that way. The contractors spaced them at 1/4″ apart. I had purchased the grout initially, in a dark brown color. I had bought unsanded by mistake thinking they’d be closer together. The contractor picked up sanded grout in dark brown from Lowe’s. I agree that the grout color is key to getting a realistic look. Good luck!

  14. Lovely space!

    Can you please tell me the spacer size you used for the subway tiles? And the product (link) that trim at the edge of your subway tiles…are they bullnose or…?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Bob, they used the unsanded grout I linked to in the description and the spacing looks to be 1/16″-1/8″? I’m not completely sure…for the trim pieces–search “American Olean Starting Line White Gloss Ceramic Tile Liner” on That is the accent strip we used below the chair rail tile. For the chair rail tile, search “American Olean Linea Gloss Ice White Ceramic Chair Rail Tile” on as well. We had to use some 12″ marble cigar tile vertically to conceal the open recess in the bullnose. I picked those up at Home Depot. Don’t have a link but they were around $10 a piece which sort of threw the budget at the last minute. You can see them in the pics as the vertical half round pieces at the edges of the shower and around the shower hardware.

  15. Hi Tracy!

    This bathroom is gorgeous! I am planning to borrow several ideas for our remodel. A few questions (and I apologize if you’ve answered these elsewhere): what are the dimensions of shower? And what’s the total width of the bathroom? When you had your tub refinished, did they do the inside and paint the outside? Did you go with the fiberglass treatment? I tried to follow the link for the refinishing, but it leads to godaddy…Finally, do you find that the dark floor color shows mess easier?

    Thanks so much,

    • Hey Katie, good luck on your remodel! The shower was about 3×3, but we expanded to 3×5. It used to have a half wall inside, so even though it didn’t enlarge in that direction, it feels a lot bigger having floor to ceiling glass now. The wall that the shower/tub is on is about 8′-6″ I believe. The tub is 60″, and the shower is 36″. The length of the bathroom is about 11′-0″ I think. You can see the floorplan on another post:

      The tub was completely refinished inside and out. It’s cast iron–no fiberglass. Try this link instead: and I will update my post.

      I was worried about the darker floor showing dust, but it really hasn’t. I wouldn’t hesitate to do this color again.

      Thank you!

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  17. beyond gorgeous bathroom! its drool worthy 🙂 found you through cottage and vine and am adding you to my blog roll.

  18. Melinda on

    Magazine worthy !!! Can I ask where you found your ivory wreath?? I love it!

  19. Thank you for sharing. Your bathroom is gorgeous!!! I was laboring over whether or not to go with the Pearl Sand grout with my American Olean subway tile. In some of your photos (like with the plant), the grout looks very dark.. near black.. in others, it looks lighter and closer to silver. Can you please give an accurate description of the grout color? Do you think it’s closer to a “greige”, a charcoal or a light gray?

    • Tracy on

      Hi Kay, it’s right in the middle. It’s definitely not black, or even what I’d consider charcoal. It’s also not on the lighter, silver side. It’s a true medium gray. I wanted to go toward too dark rather than too light and this hit it perfectly for me.

  20. Molly on

    I love your master bath! Could you tell me the overall dimensions of the room and dimensions of the shower? Thanks!

  21. Molly on

    What color and type of grout did you use with the subway tiles? LOVE your master bath! Thanks!

  22. Katie on

    Hi Tracy,

    Another question. 🙂 Do the floor tiles seem like they went in level? I had a contractor tell me that it can be difficult to get the long, thinner tiles like that without having them bowed at the ends. Thoughts?

    Thanks again,

  23. heather jane on

    I am thrilled to see these home Depot tiles in use for your bathroom. I am just about to install them in my basement for my master bedroom. Since it has been about a year since you installed them maybe you could tell me how you like them now and if you have any advice to offer about them.


    • Tracy on

      Hi Heather, I wouldn’t hesitate to use the tiles again. They’re a great choice in terms of both form and function. Good luck with yours!

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  25. Rachel on

    Whoa! It is perfect!!! I’m doing my bathroom right now and purchased the same type of cast iron tub. I love the tile combination- fabulous job 🙂

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  27. Debbie Darby on

    I can’t seem to find your floors– I read through most of the questions asked and I must be missing the brand/where to find them. I AM DESPERATE! I LOVE THEM! LOL!

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