Farmer’s Market Finds


Some pics and finds from this weekend’s trip to my local Farmer’s Market. I look forward to the Saturday mornings all week for this reason. I hope these pictures give you a sense of why I love it so much.

My favorite stand without question is Cheval Farmstead Dairy. Her assortment and quality of goat cheeses is phenomenal. I may or may not power walk straight to that booth and elbow small children and dogs out of the way. The cheeses are that good. She also makes a goat milk yogurt, sometimes with honey, sometimes with things like ginger and mango. It’s good. Dang good.

My favorites this week:

oneCheval Farmstead Dairy: Try the Black Magic. It’s dusted with coconut shell ash before aging. It’s creamy, smooth and downright delicious.

twoChef Charles Catering: The display case at this booth is a thing of pure beauty with the neatly arranged rows of croissants, cookies, pastries and more. Be sure to pick up a baguette or two. They go fast.

threeQueen of Oats: A new vendor for me this week! I tried one of her homemade protein bars. You can taste the fig & date, which give them a really nice touch of sweetness.

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