Double Vanity Options



I’m meeting with our contractor on Wednesday to iron out final details and pricing for our master bath reno. There are some decisions I’m trying to make before then so that I get the most accurate pricing from the get-go. One of the decisions is the vanity in the master bath.

furniture as vanity

The easiest / quickest / simplest option for the vanity would be to simply replace the top we have now (which is the builder basic ‘cultured marble’) as well as the fixtures. I could paint or refinish the cabinet base and be done. Easy.

furniture as vanity

Yup–that sure would be easiest. Bbbbbuuuuuuuttttt…what if I took the opportunity to do something a little more unique? A little more us? I’ve been thinking more and more about a ¬†furniture-like vanity. Here are some images that have inspired me to pin them to my Master Bath Inspiration Board.

I’ve been keeping an eye out at flea markets, local antique stores and craigslist. You know how when you need something, it’s impossible to find? If I weren’t planning a master bath reno right now, I’d be seeing double vanity options on every street corner. I’ve found options–but none that fit the height, width, depth requirements. I know some adjustments to the plumbing are going to have to be made, but I’m trying to find an option that’ll allow me to keep the spacing of the fixtures the same as the current configuration. If I have to start moving plumbing closer or further apart, it’ll mean that I also have to have an electrician change the spacing of the light fixtures above, which are centered on the faucets. Is any of this making sense?

furniture as vanity

I’ve been putting a tape measure up to every conceivable piece of furniture I have here around the house. Turns out the two nightstands in our master bedroom could almost work. They’re just a bit too wide though and wouldn’t allow for much room in between them though. I suddenly remembered the table I have in our foyer. When I measured it, it was a perfect fit. Just the right height, width & depth.

Here it is…

potential vanity?

So what do you think? Is it a potential option? I have found a couple drop-in sinks that could work, and I could seal the wood top with a marine grade varnish to stand up to water. We’ve already determined that neither one of us really utilizes the storage below our current sinks. I could easily make better use of the linen closet, so I’m not overly concerned with the loss of storage. But is it wise to make such a strong design statement? What about the dreaded ‘r’ word? (resale)

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