Dining Room Dilemma


Pull up a chair and help me decide what to do about our dining room. The last time we used it for its intended purpose was last Thanksgiving. Fact is, it gets used daily– just not for dining. My youngest does his homework in here every night (and the materials stay on the tabletop in between), and the hubby consistently works at least one day a week from home on the opposite end of the table. You’d think it’d be an easy decision to make this a full fledged office of some kind. Maybe get a thrifted desk, include some storage to hide homework materials, etc. It’s tempting to do that, especially since my husband really doesn’t have a space of his own here and he’s fallen in love with a West Elm recliner that I happen to love too.

BUT–I don’t know if I’m ready to lose a dining room all together. Our kitchen table seats four, with room for two more at the island. Even though we only eat in the dining room occasionally, it’s nice to have a bigger space for more people. Plus the fact that I can pull a round table up alongside and seat four more. Here’s the current dining room which I should point out will receive a new paint job and window panels in the (hopefully) not so distant future.

existing dining room

There are a few issues with turning this into a full fledged office. The first being privacy. It’d be nice to have a way to close some doors while on phone calls, etc. Which means carpentry work. Which means $$$. It also means that a lot of light and flow might be lost here. Do you think there’s a way to preserve the dining ability, but make it an office? One thought was to remove the extension leaf from the table which would make the table a square instead. Then I could remove all but two chairs for daily use, store the rest and pull them out when needed along with the table leaf. I’d probably also relocate the top of the hutch, which is a separate piece and simply use the bottom for office storage.

So if you’re still awake and would care to weigh in on the subject, I’d appreciate it. My head keeps spinning the same ideas round and round. I’d love some new ones to add to the mix.

2 thoughts on “Dining Room Dilemma

  1. Jane Jones on

    I’d get (thrift) a large table “desk” to use throughout the year with pretty bookcase storage behind. That way- when you do need to seat more to eat, you can remove the ‘office’ items from the desk, bring in more chairs and set the “desk” as a dining room table. It could be very pretty!!

    • Jane, you’re my new hero. As of last night, the plan is exactly as you’ve described. In fact, the existing dining set may be sold already. What’s the saying? Something about a rolling stone gathering no moss? 🙂

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