Cast Iron Tub Care


I really wanted to incorporate a cast iron tub when we renovated our master bathroom. I love the looks, but one of the major concerns I had was the care and maintenance of a refinished tub.

Our tub is from 1912 (a forged date can be found on the underside of a vintage tub), and was recently refinished locally. The refinishing process is lengthy, but if done correctly, provides a surface that is as good as new.

The core of the tub may be resilient cast iron, but the surface is actually porcelain. Since porcelain is porous, here are some tips I was given when the tub was installed:

  • No abrasive cleaners or pads.
  • Towel dry the tub after each use.
  • Fix any leaky faucets (prevents rust and discoloration around drain)
  • Don’t leave bottles/products on surface inside tub.
  • Wax the tub every six months with car wax.

That last tip about waxing the tub was a surprise to me. I’d never heard that. I went and picked up a tub of good ‘ol Turtle Wax and already gave the tub its first waxing. I think I was afraid that despite its size and weight, the tub’s surface would be delicate and fragile. So far, it’s much more durable that I thought and the soaks are as great as I’ve always heard.

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