Being a tourist in your hometown

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We did a lot of fun things with family while we were up in Boston. My husband and I grew up outside of the city, but we head in to town at least once while we’re home. It’s fun to see the boys experience Boston and see things that I’ve visited lots of times over the years.

This time we headed to the Museum of Fine Arts, saw a Red Sox game on the fourth of July, and walked around Faneuil Hall.

I used to live within walking distance to the museum while in college. It was a weekly source of creative inspiration (thanks free student membership!) and I was so happy to see my boys get to visit.

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

The current exhibition is the culture, art & armor from the Samurai. A boy-friendly subject matter! If it had been something like ‘Floral Motifs from the Victorian Period’, I might’ve been in trouble.

Samurai Exhibit at MFA
Samurai exhibit at MFA

I’ve been a big fan of Dale Chihuly for many years. I made a beeline to the enormous glass sculpture in the atrium. I was mesmerized when I saw a feature on PBS a few years back of Chihuly in Venice. His glasswork looked so at-home floating down the canals in Venice.

Chihuly at MFA in Boston

The boys and I had seen this Pollock piece at MOMA last year. I was happy that they recognized that MFA also has two Pollocks. Here’s a detail:

Pollock at MFA

If anyone’s interested in Pollock, this book is excellent. I read it years ago, and of course a movie was made afterward, but the book is worth the read.

Last was a game at Fenway on Fourth of July. We only lasted until the end of the third inning though–our seats were smack dab in the middle of the center field bleachers, in direct sun, on a day that temps reached 90+. It felt like we were sitting on the surface of the sun. If we’d been in covered seating we would’ve gladly stayed. We got home and watched the rest on tv!

fenway park

Still, it was special to be in Fenway on the Fourth of July. It doesn’t get any more American and patriotic than baseball, in Fenway, in Boston, on the Fourth.

Fenway Park

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