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One of the first things I noticed about this house when we were house hunting were the crown and chair rail mouldings on the first floor. I absolutely love moulding. It’s one of those details that instantly make a room feel more cozy and finished, even if you don’t notice them right away.

The mouldings on the first floor stopped short in the foyer. I’ve always wondered why the builder didn’t add some. The cynic in me knows why–cost. Adding some moulding is something I’d had on my to-do list for quite a while. A few months ago, we finally tackled it.

Here is my inspiration photo. Isn’t this foyer simply gorgeous??

inspiration photo

Well, that’s a hard picture to live up to! Here’s a before (below). The foyer is 2-stories. Hard to photograph, hard to heat, but filled with light which I love. A few years ago we added the moulding you see going up the stairs to the second floor. We knew we wanted to continue that look downstairs. I started by painting the walls to match the existing crown & baseboard moulding.

foyer before

Here’s a view looking down from the stairs into the foyer (below).

foyer before

We picked up some moulding at Lowe’s, around 25 pieces @ $4.00 each for an 8′-0″ length. We also bought liquid nails to glue them, caulk to fill the joints, and a new miter box. Pics below from instagram.

adding panel moulding to wall

We cut all the pieces with a simple miter box and hand saw. My dream one day is to get over my fear of power tools because there are so many projects I’d love to attempt with the right tools.

We glued the pieces and held them in place with painter’s tape. The only tricky part was the angled wall heading up the stairs. I had to pull geometry concepts from the deep recesses of my mind.

Here’s a finished pic.

finished picture fram moulding

A view the other way.

picture frame moulding after

One last pic…

finished picture frame moulding

Incidentally, the inspiration pic is what prompted me to paint our handrails a dark brown. Originally, they were oak colored. That simple change really helped update the entire feel of the space.

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