Adding Some Interest to the Ceiling

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe the holidays are behind us. I’ve enjoyed cooking, relaxing with the family and *planning*. My husband gets a worried look in his eyes when he sees me staring blankly at one of our rooms, especially if I have my iPad in hand and a tape measure nearby. He knows the wheels are turning, which means a project could be looming.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ceiling in our dining-room-turned-office. What? You don’t think about ceilings? I was watching some of my favorite design/decorating shows recently and paused the viewing to take a couple pictures. What? You don’t do that?

Here’s one. If you watch Million Dollar Decorators, you’ll recognize this as the hallway ceiling that Mary McDonald redecorated in the Greystone Manor episode. I love the geometric pattern here.
greystone manor ceiling

In another show, I took a quick pic of this patterned pillow. This might be a simpler option.
pillow pattern inspiration

I love moulding. And, I’ve LOVED coffered ceilings from the very first time I ever saw one. Building an entire boxed style ceiling is just a tad bit above my skill level (HA!) so I did a quick search for “Flat Style Coffered Ceilings“. It turned up a few. This might actually be doable. I would simply use 1×4 stock and some narrow moulding along the edges. PS: I love the door casings here.
flat coffered ceilings

While I’m planning ceilings, here’s a pic I took recently of a giant brass fixture that I absolutely love. I think this would work nicely in here as well.
brass fixture

So how does this all fit together?? Here’s the existing ceiling & fixture:
blank ceiling

Here’s one option: the flat coffered style, with the light fixture thrown in as well:
flat coffered ceiling

And lastly, a geometric option. The scale of these is off. I only did this as a quick way to visualize:
geometric ceiling

So, any thoughts? Opinions? Observations? Have you been staring blankly at the ceiling lately as well?

One thought on “Adding Some Interest to the Ceiling

  1. Melissa McIntyre on

    Hmm…I think I like the second geometric option best. I,however, have ALL popcorn ceilings in my house and will be starring at it’s ugliness for who knows how long:-) Can’t complain too much though as I am blessed to BE in our wonderful house!

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